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General data protection regulation

Where Do All Your Data Go?

You have probably heard the story one too many times – somebody’s navigating the World Wide Web and he’s all excited about it, but then someone else comes up to him and tells him: “be careful, they’ll be selling all your data and will eventually use them against you.” With us though, you won’t ever need to worry about such a possibility.

If It’s Your E-mail Address…

...we’ll first secure your full consent before we can even have access to your e-mail address. The process goes by the fancy name of double opt-in, which is not as complicated as it sounds. What the process ensures is that we get to send you updates via e-mail, if and only if you’ve approved of it twice – first by keying it in, and second by confirming your approval.

Also, you won’t be receiving any pesky and irrelevant emails. You’ll only be receiving those mails that you agreed to receive.

If It’s Your IP Address and Navigational Data…

...we need such information to make the navigation experience as pleasurable for you as possible. Thus, we’ve installed Piwik and Google Analytics to keep track of your activity. However, we do assure that this will be the only purpose they’ll serve. We won’t be giving them away to third party sites, no Facebook pixels – no marketing tricks at all.

If You Want Out…

...you can freely do so, and we’ll respect your decision. For e-mails, you can click on the ‘Unsubscribe’ button. If you want to end all forms of communication with us and to be ultimately ‘forgotten’ by us, simply send us an e-mail message via gdpr @ rebelinternet.eu and we’ll promptly delete all your information from our records. Yes, you do have a right to be forgotten.