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How to buy a domain

Backorder any domain coming out of expiration. Click the domain, backorder and get charged only if we secure the domain for you.


Preorder your domain of choice. Once we have it and you’re the only bidder, it’s all yours for as low as €35.


If a domain is popular enough, you might need to bid for it along with other customers. The auction will go on for several days.

Have fun

In either case, you’re charged only when the domain is finally yours. After that, you’re free to do whatever you want with it.

I really appreciate the fairness that CatchCowboy operate with its bidding process. Everyone gets a shot at obtaining a domain and no one has an unfair advantage.

Jan, Sitedeals

Getting my domain was fast and easy. I didn’t have to go through the usual hassle that finding and buying a brandable domain would take.

Roger, Web Traffic Masters

There was no problem finding the domain that I wanted. On other drop catching websites, it’s a pain having to search through their list.

Rodney Sellies

High success ratio on drop catching .io domains. We use these and expired domains for building a quality blog networks for SEO purposes.

Matt, SEO Expert

On Buying Expired Domain Names

With the information industry becoming such a huge part of how the world works, Top Level Domains are becoming a valuable commodity. Unfortunately, as many of those who have tried to buy domain names have found out before, many of the most lucrative options are already unavailable. On the other hand, there are times when ownership of these commodities end with an Expired Domain, which makes them ripe for the taking. Getting your hands on these domains, however, is going to be tricky, especially if the domain you are targeting holds a lot of potential value. Instead of having to get these Dropped Domains manually, why not just take the initiative to find the domain you need and register it to your name or company as soon as it expires? This process is called domain drop catching and it’s a topic that might be of deep interest to you.

Domain Name Registrations

Just to give you some context as to how this whole process works, it’s worth going back to basics. To start with, domain name registrations work by giving people the option to choose from a list of domain names or come up with one on their own to register under their name. While doing so, they will be prompted to choose how long they will keep the domain for. Typically, users choose the one-year plan, but they can choose to keep it for longer depending on the Domain Value. Regardless of the time period they get, however, the domain will eventually expire if they don’t choose to renew it. This is where domain drop catching and Domain Auction platforms come in.

Domain Drop Catching

In essence, domain drop catching is all about keeping track of websites that are about to expire and then securing them for clients. The whole process requires dedicated servers that are only meant for this particular task. In order to get the domains, however, you would need to bid for the particular name that you want once it’s gone through Domain Appraisal. Now, there are a few things about this arrangement that are worth keeping in mind. For one thing, bidding on a domain name doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically face competition. If you’re the only one who placed a bid on a particular domain, it’s yours for a reasonable fee. If an Expired Domain is popular enough, you could end up having to bid for it with someone else. You’ll have 10 days to place your bid, which gives you time to show just how much you want the domain.

How To Bid

Bidding on the domain that you want could not be easier. All you have to do is to type the name of the site that you might be interested in and you’ll be given options to choose from. After that, you could then find the domain name that you want and place a bid on it. If, after the allotted time, no one else bids on it, the domain is yours. Expired domains are being added to the Domain Auction list every single day, giving you plenty of options to choose from if your first few bids don’t work out. You won’t be wanting for choices.

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