Frequently Asked Questions

Will the 35€ be immediately placed on my credit card if I backorder a domain, or will my card be charged only once the domain is mine?

Charges apply only after the domain is yours.

Will you protect my info?

Your information is protected. Your email address, Stripe and Multisafepay details, or credit card information are never put in at risk.

When do domain auctions go live?

Auctions are created when more than one person bids of a domain. The first bid of 35€ goes to the first person who backordered the domain.

Does or its employees bid in the auctions?

No since this would be unfair.

Do I need to pay domain registration fees after winning auctions?

No, the fee is included in the winning bid.

What follows a successful backorder or bid?

The amount is charged to your credit card. You can then log in to your account, set the WHOIS contact information for the domain, and update the name servers or get the authorization code for the domain transfer.

Do I become the sole owner of the domain I backordered or win?

Yes, and this can be verified when you look up the WHOIS domain information at

The expiration date is different between domains?

This could be because the domain is registered prior to the auction, which puts the expiration date one year from when the the domain was actually registered and not when it paid for. Acquiring domains can also be done in different ways, which would put the expiration date more than a year following payment.

What are your terms of service and privacy policy?

You can read the terms of service and privacy policy here and here, respectively.

Are there other payment options other than credit cards?

Yes. We offer Multisafepay and Stripe payments.

Who gets the domain at the end of the auction if no one bids?

The first to backorder the domain.

What does the error TRANSFER PROHIBITED mean?

ICANN rules apply to certain registry firms, which includes a 60-day waiting period between the first domain registration and transfer.

Why are some domains on your drop list not dropping?

It could be because the domain is unknown to us or we don’t think it’s good enough to drop.

If all bid amounts in the auction are the same who wins?

The first bidder.

Will accept my domains to put up for auction?

This is not possible at this time. Maybe in the future.

Can orders or bids be cancelled?

Bids cannot be canceled but orders can be deleted before the domains are dropped.