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About Us

As a domain name, aftermarket company, we at CatchCowboy.com consolidate an inventory of expired and/or deleted domains that are obtained via the top registrars of domain names to make them exclusively available for auction. We provide solutions for clients attempting to obtain ownership of the registration rights to expiring domains or domains were not registered again by their owners.

Our services include, but are not limited to, offering a list of domain names found on the list of top registrars, which are classified as expired "Pre-Release" domains, as well as allowing customers to backorder any domain name, which can include domain names that are currently registered. We also allow a "last minute board," which enables customers to closely watch an auction that is about to end, and providing access to expired .nl top level domains. Special listed domains are provided, as well.

Through our award-winning technological services, we at CatchCowboy.com can provide customers with a Web platform that is easy to use in managing Backorder requests as well as participate in domain auctions or manage their account information.

What's the concept?

It works a lot like your neighborhood auction, except that for this particular auction, we won't be giving you an ancient artifact from Egypt. What we do have is something that will surely be a big help to you and your plans of managing your own website. You see, with our domain name auction, you can choose from a wide variety of domain names, one of which will surely match your intended purpose.

We know, we know. You've heard all this before, but we just have to tell you again: getting a name from an expired domains list is still the way to go, especially if you intend to have a domain name without the stress of spending too much on it. It works well for those among us who are of more practical minds. So, yes, you don't really have to think twice about it - CatchCowboy is the way to go.

Why trust us?

  • User-friendly services
  • Offering auctions & backordering services
  • Provides open and transparent services
  • Treats everyone fairly
  • New domains and auctions available every day

Our goal is to provide customers with world-class registration and hosting services at reasonable prices. Much of our website is fully automated, which allow us to provide you with the most reasonable prices available.

About Questions and Feedback

For any questions or concerns please contact us here.