We have just launched CatchCowboy in Beta. For any questions or suggestions you can contact us here [email protected]

About Us

Who owns CatchCowboy?

CatchCowboy is owned by Rebelinternet, a company that began from scratch and has slowly but surely established itself especially in terms of credibility and integrity. Managing CatchCowboy is certainly one among the many things that the company does in order to ensure that anyone’s experience of websites (whether as user or owner) is one that is completely fulfilling.

Who are we?

We’re basically made up of like-minded individuals who intend to make the whole task of thinking of a good domain name much easier for you. We here at CatchCowboy would like to let you know that whatever your domain name need is, we’ve got you covered.

What We Offer

Here at CatchCowboy, we help you become a Cowboy, capable of catching whatever domain name you desire. You simply have to select the domain name you want, bid for it, then wait for the results. If no one else bids for it, then it’s automatically yours for a fair price.

How the Website Makes Its Money

The profit system of CatchCowboy is very simple. One is the bid system itself. Whatever amount wins for the desired domain is the amount to pay for in order to get that domain. Another way is that if you bid for a domain but no one else bids for it, you get to own that domain for the amount of $35.
Yep, it’s that easy.

Meet Some of Our CatchCowboys

Allan Haim is an IT Expert and web developer. He understands that, before the layout, design, and usability of the website, the first thing to consider is always the domain name. Hence, his work for CatchCowboy reflects this understanding.

Camilia Elliot has a degree in Marketing and Management. Although she might not be your Computer Guru, she does so much to keep CatchCowboy on its toes especially in maintaining the smooth flow of the bids and auction