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Welcome and thank you for choosing In our commitment to the protection your privacy, we endeavor to explain our data collection, use, and disclosure practices for the services (including its website, and mobile and web-based applications, and any other tools, products, or services provided by that link to or reference this Privacy Policy) (collectively, the “Services”) through this Privacy Policy. Ownership and operation of these Services fall solely to 101 Internet BV, a company (“we”, “us” or “our”) based in Netherlands.

The information collects through the Services is what the terms and conditions covered in this Privacy Policy pertains to, in addition to other information provided by third parties to us online or offline, when we associate that information with customers or users of the Services; however, these conditions and Policy does not apply to information collected from our employees, contractors, or vendors. This Policy also does not apply to information that is collected by third parties through the Services (including web traffic or crash analytics tools) or that you share with third parties at your discretion. You acknowledge and agree that bears no responsibility for the collection or use of data by any other Services, user or third party that is utilized in providing the Services.

Among the things described by this Privacy Policy are:

1. Consent

You are consenting to conditions listed and described in this Privacy Policy by accessing or using the Services. Please do not access or use the Services if there is anything in this Privacy Policy that you do not agree with. We may transfer, use, or store any information gathered through the Services in The Netherlands or in other countries where our service providers or we are located. You are agreeing to let us transfer, use, and/or store your Personal Information (as defined below) in those countries when you use the Services. The data protection and other laws present in your country might not be as comprehensive as those found in The Netherlands and other countries that we operate in or vice versa. You are agreeing that all transactions relating to the Services provided by will be route through or will be processed in The Netherlands, which is where our servers are found.

2. Collection of Your Personal and Other Information

We are collecting your Personal Information when you register for or use our Services. The “Personal Information” we collect is the information that defines and identifies you as an individual using data that are uniquely tied to you, which includes:

Providing Personal Information is your choice and you can choose not to do so (this may be subject to the controls and features offered by the operating system of your mobile device), but this could lead to certain features of the Services being closed to you.

Non-Personal Information, that is to say, information that is not used to personally identify individuals relating to the Services may also be collected. Among the non-Personal Information that we collect can include your interaction with the Services, the information that is collected or “logged” by Internet websites or Internet services on a generalized basis when users access or use them, and your web browser or device information, which are used to access or use the Services.

For examples of non-Personal Information, refer to the following:

The non-Personal Information that we collect about you will not be used to attempt to identify you, specifically, and any associations of any non-Personal Information with details that can be used to potentially identify you will then be treated as Personal Information. We also use cookies and other automatic information gathering technologies sometimes for the purposes of gathering non-Personal Information, as discussed in more detail below.

We may be the ones to collect the information collected by the Services or it could be done by one of our service providers that are acting on our behalf; either case of which, the governing of the collection, use, and sharing of the information will fall on this Privacy Policy.

3. Use of Your Information

The information we collect may be used to:

4. Disclosure of Your Information

The disclosure of your Personal Information to third parties is done as described below.

The disclosure of your Personal Information may be done to provide the Services that you requested, or when you give us explicit authority to do so; for example, when you provide us with the authority to share your Personal Information with domain registries and other registrars, which might be necessary for the addition of your parked domain to the WHOIS database. Your Personal Information and non-Personal Information may also be disclosed to companies, agents, contractors, service providers, or third parties that we employ to perform certain roles in our stead (including the processing of payments, providing data storage, hosting our domain, product and service marketing, auditing, and doing web analytics). We may also disclose Personal Information and/or Non-Personal Information to licensors if we engage in licensing regarding software from a third-party provider that will be included in or will be used with the Services.

When, in good faith, we believe that such disclosure is reasonably necessary, we may also disclose your Personal Information to third parties for the following reasons: (a) in the enforcement or application of the terms and conditions that come with the Services, which can include but are not limited to investigating potential violations, (b) in the compliance with requirements that are of a legal or regulatory nature, or a request of a governmental nature that are enforceable, (c) in the protection of the company’s (our, us, our employees) rights, property and/or safety, along with those of our users or the third parties associated with us, (d) in the prevention of criminal activities or in the protection of national security, or (e) in the detection, prevention or otherwise the act of addressing fraud, or any security or technical issues.

Finally, we reserve the right for the transference of information (which include but is not limited to your Personal Information) to any third party affiliate at our discretion in the events that include a sale or a merger, or in the transference of a substantial amount or all of the assets owned by our company that are related to the Services, or in the unlikely event of a bankruptcy, that would result in the liquidation or insolvency of our business. In the event of such a transfer, we will employ efforts that are commercially reasonable in notifying you of such transfer, through means of communication that include but is not limited to email or a website notice.

Lastly, non-Personal Information (aggregated with other users’ information) may also be disclosed at our sole discretion if we deem such disclosure to have sound business reasons or justifications, to any of our clients and business partners, as well as affiliated merchants, advertisers, investors, potential buyers, and other third parties.

5. Cookies and Automatic Information Gathering Technologies

We collect non-Personal Information (discussed above in Section 2) every time you use the Services, which include accessing a Service webpage, navigating to specific locations within the mobile app Service). Among the non-Personal Information we collect is how and when you access our services, as well as which parts of the Services or its features you use, which we do for the purpose of improving our Services, for example. We may also use the unique identifier (UDID) of your device or your media access control address (MAC Address), as well as other unique identifiers, which will serve in assisting us in the collection and analysis of this data.

We may employ a variety of technologies, which include local browser storage and “Cookies” to assist us in the collection and storage of the non-Personal Information collected. “Cookies” are small amounts of computer data stored in your web browser by website or third party operators and which can be accessed by the website operator or by the third party, as applicable, when you visit the website. “Cookies” may also refer to the Adobe Flash plugin web-browser-based storage service called “Flash Cookie”. Among the contents in the Cookies of the Service can include but are not limited to user preference, unique user identifiers, as well as additional non-Personal Information.

You may erase the information that is stored in Cookies when allowed by your operating system and/or web browser, along with Flash Cookies and data in your local browser storage. If you decide to erase your information, forced repeated logins to the Services is possible, along with loss of some settings or preferences. Browsers may also be set to prevent websites from storing your data or to alert you if the action is being asked, but this could lead to some features of the Services being locked out or to not function properly. Cookies may be used to keep your account logged in, as well as remember your Service preferences, along with collecting information about your usage habits regarding our Services.

You can find more details about how we manage Cookies when you go here. Flash Cookies may not be affected by the Cookie management tools that your browser provides. You may refer to the end user documentation for your browser if you want to learn more about how the management of your privacy and local browser storage settings are being done.

Third-party software and services may be used to assist in the collection of this information. The use of the non-Personal Information and the collection method used for this information by third-parties are governed by their own privacy policies, which you can learn more about here:

Google Analytics

6. Transparency and Choice; Do Not Track Signals

You can email us at [email protected] if you want to request access to your own Personal Information. We will employ reasonable efforts in the location and in providing you with any Personal Information we have collected about you, wherein you can then correct any errors in the data if there are any inaccuracies or to request to delete the information. However, we may still retain the information if they are pertinent for legal reasons or for business purposes that are reasonably legitimate. Using the deletion or removal features provided by or along with the Service, you may delete contents that you have posted to the Services. However, information that were shared with other users by you or the Services made available to third parties are out of our (you and the company) control.

If you need more help in the removal of contents you posted through the Services, you can send us a message through [email protected]. Complete or comprehensive removal of your content that you requested to be deleted from our computer systems is not guaranteed.

Individual users are asked to identify themselves when requesting to access, correct, or remove information before the request is processed, at which point, the request may be declined if they are deemed repetitive or systematic to an unreasonable degree, or which require a disproportionate level of technical effort, or which can jeopardize other users’ privacy, or we deem to be too impractical (i.e. requesting information that reside in backup storage), or are related to information that are unrelated to your Personal Information. Except for occasions when doing so requires a disproportionate level of effort, we perform the service of providing access and correction to information free of charge.

If you are requesting for us to delete your Personal Information, please be aware that you may not be able to use the Services going forward. In the event that you request that we delete your Personal Information, certain information may be retained for a certain amount of time in order to satisfy requirements that are of a legal nature, or are related to auditing and/or dispute resolution.

We support and approve of developments and implementations of the "do not track" browser feature, which is a standard that is meant to provide more control to customers with regards to the kinds of information that are collected and used with regards to their web-browsing activities. The release of the standard "do not track" feature signals the start of our adherence to the browser settings.

By clicking on the “unsubscribe” link located in the message, you can opt out of the marketing e-mails that you receive from us. Please note that opting out of the messages may take up to ten (10) business days to be processed. After opting out of marketing e-mails, you may still keep receiving emails from us that are related to your account (i.e., account-related notices and transaction confirmation).

7. Information Security

We safeguard your Personal Information from unauthorized access by utilizing reasonable measures for securing information against modification or destruction. When sensitive data is transmitted over the Internet, options that include Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Transport Layer Security (TLS), or other encryption technology, as well as other firewalls are used to assist us in preventing external network access. However, no Internet data transmission or data storage method are 100% guaranteed safe. As such, we cannot completely guarantee the security of your Personal Information even as we strive to employ means that are commercially acceptable.

Access to Personal Information are restricted to select individuals (i.e., our employees, contractors, and agents) who will use that access in the operation, development, improvement or in supporting our Services.

8. Third Party Websites.

The Services may be linked or integrated with the sites, apps, or services of third parties. The privacy or security policies, or practices, or the content of these third-party entities are not our responsibility. In light of this, we encourage reviewing the privacy and security policies, as well as the terms of service of those third parties to understand how your information is collected, used, shared, and protected by those websites.

9. Changes to this Policy

This Privacy Policy may be periodically modified or updated at our sole discretion without providing prior notice, the contents of which will be posted on the page of the updated policy. Checking the “Last Updated” section located at the top of this page will reveal the date of the last time that this Privacy Policy was changed. Prior to the changes taking effect, we will use reasonable means to notify you about any material changes with regards to this Privacy Policy, through methods that may include but are not limited to sending you an e-mail or via a notice post on the website. Periodically checking this Privacy Policy for changes is encouraged. YOU MUST STOP USING THE SERVICES ONCE CHANGES TAKE EFFECT (REFER TO THE “LAST UPDATED” DATE OF THIS PRIVACY POLICY) IF YOU DON’T AGREE TO ANY CHANGES TO THIS PRIVACY POLICY.


For any questions or complaints regarding our Privacy Policy, feel free to reach out to us at:

Email: [email protected]